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We Specialize in
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Custom Battery Packs

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5 Years of experience
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Unique Battery Making Technology

Benergy choose reliable raw material suppliers from mainland China and import some important raw materials for LiFePO4 directly from manufacturers in Taiwan and Japan who have official authorization of Phostech. We adopted metal- doping and carbon-coating methods to update electronic conductivity and battery safety at the same time. Compared with our competitors, our batteries have superior safe and higher power density.

Strict Quality Control Process

Our laser equipment can detect the thickness in coating process, and the coating machine would modify the output volume with the feedback data. We also deployed a PDMS (Product Data Management System) as quality control, for every step in manufacturing, the core technical data would be checked, logged and judged, any problem would be discovered and fault product would be pick out, thus every cell we produced has reliable quality. So every cell in the pack selected has the closest consistency so every pack has the best performance.

Excellent Battery Performances

With best quality raw materials and full automatic producing equipment, we keep on producing high power type batteries. Like our 10Ah LiFePO4 pouch cell, it can offer 20C/50C (continuous/peak) current. Even our high energy density type can offer 3C/6C discharge current. For cycle life, some of those cells reached 4000+ cycles in our lab test, as 1C charge discharge cycle for about 2 years.

What We Do

Benergy Tech Co. Ltd is a battery manufacturer which specializes in producing advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate (Lifepo4) batteries and Lifepo4 battery packs since 2009.

We successfully developed high performance Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) with talents in Tsinghua University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Huazhong University of Science and other researching organizations. Now we have a core researching team with engineers who have been devoting to deloping and researching batteries for over 10 years and we use advanced automotive production equipments, best quality materials for production, which make our batteries quality reliable and with wonderful performance.

Our development process:

2009 Lifepo4 battery technology is still quite new, Benergy started to make lifepo4 cells. 

2012 Benergy started to exporting lifepo4 batteries.

2016 Benergy are listed as top 20 Chinese companies who produce most lifepo4 batteries.

2019 Benergy build our own pack making line to produce lifepo4 packs for electric vehicles, solar system, UPS etc. 

Benergy First generation plastic cells. (Lower energy density) 

Benergy Second generation alumium shell cells. (Higher energy density) 

Production line overview:

Factory view:


We have registed our own brand BENERGY in 2018 in HK, European Union and China. Our cells have got CE,ROSH,MSDS,UN38.3, CB certification, IEC62133 and IEC62619. 

For more information, please visit the technology, factory, and products pages.

Why Choose Us

Excellent Management Team
Consist of technical elites and professional managers know lithium batteries well.

Best Quality Control
Advanced bar code database management system. (During the producing process, the defective products would be selected automatically, every pack is made by well selected cell of good consistency)

Extremly Long Cycle life and Safest Battery
We have experienced engineers and researching team. (10Ah Lifepo4 battery IR≤3mΩ, Cycle life≥2500 times, which exceeds the common standard of IR 5~10 mΩ, cycle life 2000)

Quick Response
Sample production finished within 10 days, customerized sample within 25 days.


What's Our Clients Say

  • “The battery is working extremely well and I am pleasantly surprised by the power it supplies.”

    --Quoted from a customer’s email after he bought our batteries.

  • “The testing shows that the cells are consistent and we had 10Ah discharge over one hour, per pack. We keep these cells for a show and I have to show the batteries to several of our distributors.”

    --After testing our 10AH cells, the customer said.

  • “Your batteries sure output awesome power! I took a bike for testing and it can even easily reach 30mph, what a rush!”

    --The customer who choose our battery for e-bike testing.

  • “The 8Ah NCM cell is under testing now. It has 470 cycles of 1C charge/1C discharge. The capacity dropped from 8500mAh to 8150mAh. The internal resistance is still normal. There’ no signs of any visual changes of the cell it self. We will continue testing for this cell till the capacity reaches 6400mAh or something abnormal occurs.”

    --Feedback from customer after he tested our 8AH LiNCM cell.

  • We were able to do some testing with some of the modules today. The 36V 80Ah pack worked well in our mower. We were able to mow over 3 hours on one pack! Just what we had hoped for and calculated.

    --Customer choose our battery for lawn mower.